FOREST from Juliet Johnstone FOREST from Juliet Johnstone FOREST from Juliet Johnstone

Step 1. 
JJ went through multiple rounds of sampling to make the perfect slim fit zip up hoodie. 
Step 2.
JJ drew the snake and flower graphics that ended up being the final artwork.
Step 3. 
In the studio, we hand dyed each hoodie with custom mixed colors created by JJ. (Yes - hand dyed all of them)
Step 4. 
Each hood was adorned with custom JJ silver hardware.
Step 5. 
Hoodies were taken to a local printshop, where each piece was fully printed on the front and back. Each ink color was based off of paints that JJ custom mixed for these prints. 
Step 6.
Press, trim, pack, ship. 
Each hoodie was made with a lot of love in Downtown Los Angeles. Each piece is unique, as they are hand dyed. When purchasing, you will see that hoodies are grouped in shades of color. Please be aware that you cannot choose your exact hoodie - you will get one from the color group you chose. This is our way of keeping everything special and unique.
SMALL - Chest Width 14', Shoulder to Hip 20'
MEDIUM - Chest Width 15', Shoulder to Hip 21.5'
LARGE - Chest Width 16', Shoulder to Hip 23'

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